Environmental Stewardship

At Birch|REA we are in an integral position to take our company to a new level of environmental and social stewardship. Some of our green and sustainable policies have been in place since our inception, while others we have adopted as soon as we saw the need. We see our strongest impacts in the areas of energy, transportation and travel, material use and the local community. Below is a list of policies and practices to reduce these impacts.


  • Renewable Energy Credits from 3 Phases Energy to offset energy use in leased office space in Wellesley, Massachusetts
  • Motion light sensors in all office and work spaces
  • Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) used in all light fixtures

Transportation and Travel

  • $2,500 subsidiary to all employees who purchase a hybrid, diesel or biodiesel vehicle
  • Purchase of carbon offsets for air travel through Flight TerraPass
  • Member of Green Hotel Network
  • Encourage all employees to rent hybrid or diesel vehicles during business travel
  • Based on economies of scale, combine business trips to reduce unnecessary trips and emissions from air and vehicle travel

Material Use

  • Efforts to become a paperless office include: submitting all client reports electronically, unless otherwise requested; electronic filing; and reviewing documents electronically
  • All white and colored paper necessary for use on 100% recycled content paper; all printers defaulted to double-sided printing
  • Soy-based ink cartridges, with all cartridges recycled after use
  • Donate all used electronic equipment to employees or local non-profits
  • Contract with vendors for Energy Star appliances only
  • Reusable kitchen products and utensils
  • Replaced traditional holiday greeting cards for electronic holiday greetings to clients and donations to non-profits