Due Diligence / Research

Birch|REA provides due diligence services to corporate clients and investors in the acquisition, disposition, financing, and transaction structuring of real property. These services encompass a wide range of studies including verification of current market terms, projections of likely market trends, market rents, land values, property operations, property conditions, and analyses of related issues.

Third Party Management

Birch|REA will serve as your advisor for large portfolio transactions by contracting and administrating all third party consultants, including but not limited to appraisers, architects, engineers, surveyors and title companies.

Lease Abstraction & Analysis

We abstract leases into a functional centralized lease abstraction database. Specifically, our team generates lease abstracts, itemizing critical financial and non-financial lease clauses, and compares the accuracy of information contained in property rent rolls to corresponding data in the leases.

Estoppel Certificate Preparation & Review

We review information contained in the estoppel certificates to ensure that it accurately reflects the same information in the leases. After abstraction of the leases, we review the accuracy of draft estoppel certificates prepared by third parties prior to submission to tenants for signatures. We also review executed estoppel certificates to ensure that the information accurately reflects the lease terms.

Discounted Cash Flow Software Modeling

Our team has the flexibility to build cash flow models using ARGUS® software, or to verify the accuracy of an existing model. We also work with clients to ensure that the client’s forecast valuation has market-tested assumptions.

Tenant Recovery Calculations and NOI Forecasting

If requested by a client, we can establish tenant recovery pools at a property to ensure proper billing of tenants. We can also verify the accuracy of recovery pool information and property denominators and perform Net Operating Income forecasting.